Water Treatment Plant Instruments from Nivelco – Potable Water Production

Nivelco Process Instruments for Water Treatment Plants – Potable Water Production

instruments for water treatment plant


Nivelco and Aqua Technology Group can provide all your instrumentation needs for production wells, purification, treatment, and distribution system.

water treatment plant instruments technical description


The production wells are drilled in ground layers rich in water, the pumps are lowered into the wells to pump the raw water to the central water treatment facilities.

  • Measuring tasks:
  • Continuous level measurement of the well
  • Temperature measurement of the water
  • Hydrostatic pressure (water level) of the production well
  • Flow of the produced water
  • Dry-run protection of the pumps


  • Hydrostatic level transmitters that combine level and temperature measurement: the NIVOPRESS N transmitter family.
  • Piezoresistive pressure transmitters: NIVOPRESS NZK types
  • Water input measurement: ISOMAG electro-magnetic flow meters


The raw water pumped from the production wells contains different organic and inorganic materials. These materials have to be removed from the water. Removal is done either by mechanical filters or by adding coagulant materials to the water to help precipitate the contaminating materials. The resulting slurry is separated in settling tanks. The clean water is often passed through sand or other final filtration stages.



To move water out to the distribution system and to the customers, the pressure in the system has to be increased. This is done by booster pumps, water towers or air charged pressure vessels with compressed-air pumps.


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