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Nivelco Process Instruments for Refrigeration and Cooling Process

Updated October 11, 2014 with video

Nivelco and Aqua Technology Group can provide all you instrumentation needs for refrigeration, ammonia cooling and related processes.


The Nivelco Refrigeration and Cooling process diagram below illustrates a cooling technologic process commonly used in food, chemical and pharmaceutical industrial plants.

Instruments for Ammonia Refrigeration Plant

On the process diagram can be seen the cooling compressor applying ammonia, the circulating pump system and the liquid separator tank with the proposed Nivelco devices.

Nivelco Product Used

Instrumentation of the compressor:

  • The measurement of the pressure on the suction and pressure side is accomplished by NIPRESS DRC-3xxx type pressure transmitter
  • The measurement of the temperature is completed by THERMOCONT TTJ-Sxxx temperature transmitters
  • The suction side pressure transmitter performs the power control or the compressor, while the pressure side transmitter controls the condenser

Instrumentation of the liquid-separator:

  • The continuous level measurement is executed by NIVOCAP CTR-2xxx type capacitive level transmitter
  • This device controls the feeding valve applying me UNICONT PMM-311 type controller
  • The upper and lower failsafe switching is executed by NIVOMAG MKA-210 type level switches,
  • As high level is reached, the compressor shuts off, while at low level the ammonium pump is stopped.

Instrumentation of the liquid tank:

  • The instruments and procedure is similar to the separator but a NIVOTRACK MRC-5xxx type level transmitter is recommended due to the high pressure (16 bar)

Instrumentation of the cooling water:

  • A continuous level measurement is accomplished with EchoTREK SGA-3xxx type ultrasonic level transmitter, the level in the tank is kept constant by the help of a UNICONT PMM-311 type controller by actuating a supplementary water valve
  • The continuous conductance measurement is executed with an ANACONT LGK-2xxx type device,
  • The conductivity or cooling water is permanently increasing due to the evaporation in the condenser, so at a predetermined value, the PMM-311 controller opens the emptying as well as the supplementary valve
  • The low and high failsafe NIVOSWITCH RFM-401 type switches protect the pump and issue the alarm signals.

Instrumentation of the condenser:

  • The level control of the water tank under the condenser is accomplished by a NIVOCONT KKH-222-5 type level switch.


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