VFDs – Energy Saving Variable Frequency Drives

Cut your energy costs by up to 90% AND have your local utility pay for up to half the cost to do it!

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  • Did you know you could save up to 90% of your motor driven electric cost… AND Your local utility will pay up to half of that equipment cost if installed before 2014!
  • So, how does this work?
  • Motor, fan and pump systems are typically not efficient because the electrical input doesn’t equal the output needed. Motors can also draw 6 to 8 times their normal current when hard starting. This leads to waste and an inefficiency.
  • VFDs precisely matching electrical power to your actual process demand and ramp motors up and down smoothly to reduce stress and wear. This helps your system run more efficiently no matter how old it is. With reduced energy consumption, you’ll save money now and for years to come.
  • But beyond electrical savings our customers also see reduced maintenance costs and longer sytem life. Did you know VFDs also help reduce electrical surges, insulation breakdown, mechanical stress and hydraulic surges?
  • Now let’s talk protection and reliability. Our VFDs carry an industry leading 5 Year Warranty so you know you won’t get stuck with a lemon.
  • But why will the utility pay us to be more efficient? Don’t they make more money the old way? It has become very difficult and expensive for utilities to build new power plants and infrastructure in the US so they are incentivized to increase efficiency throughout their systems.
  • So when I upgrade, how fast will these VFDs pay for themselves? Our Customers typically find payback in 5 to 14 months!
  • But you have to act now to get them installed before the utility companies come to their senses at the end of 2013. Call ATG Today! 800-513-8993 to learn more and get started.


ATG - Aqua Technology Group

Our VFDs and Drive Solutions can help you:

  • Save on Energy Costs Today
  • Reduce Maintenance Costs Going Forward
  • Extend the Life of your Pumps, Fans and Motors for years of service

Why VFDs?

Motors without VFDs can draw 6-8 times their rated current at times leading to:

  • Excess Heat
  • Motor Winding Stress
  • Mechanical Wear and Tear
  • Wasted Energy
  • Water Hammer and Process Surges

Why Cerus VFDs from Aqua Technology Group?

  • VFDs allow motors to run at variable speeds (frequency) with precise space vector control
  • We take the time to tune the drive to your real world conditions – actual electrical and process demand – not just theory.
  • Cerus P Series VFDs feature an Automatic Energy Saving Mode!
  • Industry Leading Payoffs – as soon as 5-12 months!
  • Protection for years to come – Industry leading 5 Year Manufacturer Warranty!
  • 24/7 Emergency ATG Service – Onsite, Online, Over the Phone

But Why Now?

  • Utilities are paying up to $40 per horsepower (some even more) if you purchase a VFD by the end of 2013
  • You have to start now to save the most. Most Incentives and Rebates are scheduled to end 12/31/2013!
  • Operations just like yours have already taken advantage of these one time incentives.
  • We don’t want you to miss out on these extra savings others have already benefited from.

Your Utility Incentives

Incentives and Rebates vary from state to state and utility to utility. Click on the Map to find your Local Incentives.

US Map

Click on the Map to find Incentives and Rebates for your State and Local Utility

Case Studies

Water Treatment

Wastewater Treatment








  • Correctional Facilities
  • Post Office

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